Friday, July 30, 2010

Duttons For Buttons

Founded in Leeds in 1906 by the current owners grandfather, 'Duttons for Buttons' originally started life as a Trimming Merchants. After WW2 and the collapse of trade in bespoke tailoring, Abe Goodman, the the founders son, decided to diversify. He had always been fascinated by the splendour and variety of buttons and opened an haberdashery shop in the spa town of Harrogate in 1956. After his death in 1968, his daughter, Drusilla White took over the business and has since opened 2 further stores in Ilkley & York.

Drusilla travels the world in search of unusual & exotic buttons (I want her job!). With a stock of more than 12,000 different button design, Duttons for Buttons claim to have the largest stock of buttons in the UK (and possibly Europe!). Their stock includes buttons which have been manufactured from the 1930's to the present day: in glass, mother of pearl, diamante, crystal, metal, enamels, early & modern plastics and rare woods & horn.

Duttons for Buttons also supply buttons and accessories for Theatre, TV & Film Designers; Costume Makers; Museums & Exhibition Designers; Bridal Outfitters and Dolls’ Dress Designers and have some 'Famous' buttons too! Some of their buttons have appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Evita & Captain Correlli's Mandolin.

With a mail order & sample service, Duttons have an not only have a global client base - they also produce cute reusable hessian bags, printed with a button design that most people tend to decorate with leftover buttons.

Ceramic Buttons

Mary Goldberg from Stockwell Ceramics used to paint on large canvases but now works very small on tiny pieces of clay. Mary turned her hand to making Ceramic Buttons as a bit of fun - which she now says, have taken over her life! Some of my favourites are from the Pebble Range designed for Coast Magazine. All of Mary's buttons are unique and reproductions, though the same in size, colour range and spirit, are not guaranteed to be exactly the same.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ready to do the Button Dance?

A great little video of a box of wooden buttons found in the collection of Mahala Gardner Brown, Charter Member of the Michigan Button Society.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Luscious Lips

I recently came across this photo of a Button Card, c1928 in a wonderful book on American Art Deco Graphic Design and wondered if all men used to have eyebrows this plucked & lips this luscious in the 1920's..?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Having an Outfit Crisis?

The next time you realise that you really don't have anything to wear, then draw some inspiration from the beautiful "Button Marsala" Collection by Anuj Sharma. Anju wanted to give buttons more importance and his collection was based on using a simple piece of fabric, buttons and rubber bands. The rubber bands become a joinery system by attaching the buttons to the fabric, and in turn, creating a simply stunning garment with no sewing involved whatsoever! The idea also being that once worn, it can be undone and refashioned into something else - personally, I don't think I could bear to undo such a beautiful piece! Now go drool...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Land Art

Danish sculptor, Joern Hansen creates some incredible land art sculpture. Not only does he use materials found on location, taking inspiration from the natural environment but he also primarily creates in-situ, with the intention that the sculptures are part of the natural environment. This particularly great piece was installed at the Ledreborg Palace Park in Denmark - not only a huge button but a needle & thread too!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Miniature Button Masterpiece - a work in progress

Here are some great 'work in progress' photos by Grainne Morton, who creates little miniature masterpieces using fine silver, vintage found objects and buttons of course. This piece was created especially for 'The Honey Bee and the Hive', an exhibition curated by Wendy Ramshaw and held at Contemporary Applied Arts.

Miniature Button Masterpieces

A fellow ButtonHolic introduced me to the beautiful work of Grainne Morton whose little miniature masterpieces are breathtakingly beautiful. Vintage found objects provide the inspiration for her contemporary jewellery and there are
buttons featured in almost all the pieces.

The found objects become the narrative for the jewellery and are collaged together by arrangement and rearrangement until all the objects connect with each other in order to create lively, colourful spontaneous stories.
Grainne aspires to evoke a feeling of nostalgia - working consciously in a miniature scale, so that the onlooker becomes involved in the piece, hopefully sparking memory and thought, as well as making them smile.  

They certainly make me smile and I would more than happily wear them all - so I am just going to pop off and find a sponsor...

Bonkers or Normal?

Since childhood, I have always loved anything which was old & used, bashed or bruised, (though I have been known to like shiny new things too!) While pottering around a charity shop one day, I chanced upon a beautiful button - one which I just had to have. It was the princely sum of £2.00, and it, in turn triggered a long-held fascination with buttons.

I am always on the lookout for buttons and have managed to convince both friends and family to be on the lookout for me too! In my constant search, I have come across not only the most amazing buttons, but wonderful creations that people are making - using buttons of course! The intention of this blog, is to showcase all the little treasures I find along the journey - I hope you enjoy the ride!


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