Friday, May 30, 2014

Floral Friday

She may be a little harsh looking but she's a beauty all the same!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Silver Lustred Black Glass Buttons

I bought these black silvered glass buttons from a fabulous vintage emporium, '2nd Time Around' in Port Elizabeth, South Africa over the Christmas holidays. 

Sadly, I had not taken my camera with me but if you do want to get some idea of how huge it is and all the wonderful stuff they have, head over to Luck Pony's blog here, as she has posted some wonderful photos - it's a veritable treasure trove full of goodies and even though I spent well over an hour looking at everything, I could have easily spent much longer! But the blistering heat, and two stroppy children put paid to any more browsing...

The back of the card is just as lovely as the front - I wonder what the numbers mean? I sold these over on my facebook page here and as of today, the buttons are now winging their way to Australia - so they are certainly well-travelled - made in the UK, at some point they have travelled to South Africa, back to England with me and now to Australia - I bet they could tell some tales...


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