Having an Outfit Crisis?

The next time you realise that you really don't have anything to wear, then draw some inspiration from the beautiful "Button Marsala" Collection by Anuj Sharma. Anju wanted to give buttons more importance and his collection was based on using a simple piece of fabric, buttons and rubber bands. The rubber bands become a joinery system by attaching the buttons to the fabric, and in turn, creating a simply stunning garment with no sewing involved whatsoever! The idea also being that once worn, it can be undone and refashioned into something else - personally, I don't think I could bear to undo such a beautiful piece! Now go drool...


  1. how fabulous, what a great idea! hope you are well, i am enjoying bonkers about buttons.

  2. you can see more work on picasaweb.google.com/anujsharma.nid

    thanks for posting my work staphanie..and those are plastic tea glasses inside the fabric.


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