Monday, February 13, 2012


I made a start on photographing some of my buttons this weekend...

 I love these - they're chunky, heavy and look like little nuggets of faded gold

 my favourite by far - lucite with a black & gold background and with a spinning top shape
I'm sure this shape has a particular name but I can't remember what it is - can anyone tell me?

I'm not sure what these are made from but they are rather lovely
with their rivulets of mottled bronze running through them

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Coming Back...

It's been a while... a long while.. since I last wrote a proper post on the blog. Ever since going away last summer for a whole month, I've found it difficult to get back in the driving seat... but that time has now past... and I'm back... and back on track!

I've not been completely MIA - I've been having lots of fun on the Bonkers About Buttons facebook page (where I undoubtedly spend far too much time) - there are close on 2,500 followers on the page and there is always a giggle or two to be had. I've met a great bunch of crafty people via the page, some of whom are creating some pretty amazing work. If you're on facebook, then do pop over and say 'Hi'.

Knoop Button Bowl by Iñigo Cañedo

I was looking at my blog stats the other day and nearly fell off my chair to discover that this post, about the Knoop Button Bowl has had over 80,000 page views (!) and has been pinned on Pinterest over 20,000 times! I have yet to attempt to try and make the bowl myself but given the comments on Pinterest, the blog and the facebook page, many seem to have tried, but most have had little success to date. The good news is, is that I have spoken to Iñigo, the original designer/maker of the bowl, and he has given me the full instructions on how he made it and also given me his permission to have a go and create a tutorial for it! So, keep your peepers peeled, the tutorial will be coming soon...

In the run-up to Christmas, I was out doing some shopping and as I stepped off the pavement to cross the road, my beady little eye spotted this lost button in the cracks of the road surface. I took a quick photo and decided to leave it there with the intention of going back to see how long it lasted - I didn't get to go back to check for another 2 weeks or so, by which time it was long gone - I wonder if someone picked it up, or if it was swept up by the road cleaners... we'll never know now!

I have a 'mahoosive' collection of vintage and antique buttons, which are mostly stashed away in tins, jars, boxes and bags and as much as I would like to keep them all, I can't, as they are taking over! I have been slowly starting to card them up and have sold some via the Guildford Craftacular craft fairs and the Bonkers About Buttons facebook page. As much as I am not a huge fan of New Years resolutions, I did decide that this year, I am finally going to start listing some of the stuff I make using buttons, aswell as do a button destash, in both my Etsy and Folksy shops - I set up both the shops nearly 2 years ago and have never listed a thing on them, (though i have bought quite a few lovely things!)

So on that note, I'm off to photograph some buttons... see you all very soon!


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