The Button Box And Other Essays - Alison Uttley

I have only recently discovered the work of writer, Alison Uttley. Best known for her children's series about Little Grey Rabbit and Sam Pig, Ms Uttley was a prolific British writer of over 100 books. Alice began writing to support herself and her son financially after she was widowed and by all accounts, she had a pretty sharp tongue - describing her contemporary, Enid Blyton, as a "boastful, vulgar and curled woman"!

One of her books that I would love to get my hands on, is 'The Button Box And Other Essays'. Published in 1968, it was illustrated by renowned naturalistic painter, Charles Tunnicliffe, with whom Alice had a 30 year working relationship with - even though they never met in all that time! Both the book and the illustrations look utterly charming.

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