Button Dreams

After seeing this image, I wondered if anyone ever dreams of buttons? I have never dreamt of buttons myself but was interested in finding out if there were any 'button dream' interpretations...

I found the following info, which was all quite interesting:
  • Buttons represent something from your physical, or outer self. Buttons refer to the need to find ways to keep certain things together. 
  • Unbuttoning generally represents an opening up of your emotions or ideas. You may be leaving yourself open to new possibilities, as you are letting go of old thoughts and ways of doing things. To dream that you are unbuttoning your own clothes, denotes that you are opening yourself to others, either on a mental, emotional, or sexual level.
  • Alternatively, and on a positive side, buttoning up may reflect a need to conserve and to pull inward, to 'button' your lip or to restrain yourself in some way. The more negative interpretation of 'buttoning up', may be that you are currently feeling bound, restricted or lacking some type of freedom.
  • To see a button in your dream, indicates wealth and security.
  • To lose a button in your dream, signifies your tarnished self-image. You are feeling insecure and lacking confidence. 
  • To dream of sewing bright shining buttons on a uniform, betokens to a young woman the warm affection of a fine looking and wealthy partner in marriage. To a youth, it signifies admittance to military honors and a bright career.
  • Dull, or cloth buttons, denotes disappointments and systematic losses and ill health.
  • The loss of a button, and the consequent anxiety as to losing a garment, denotes prospective losses in trade. 
  • If you lose a button, or if a button is broken, it means that alternate ways need to be found. 
  • If you’re sewing a button back onto a garment, then you have the ingenuity to do whatever needs to be done.
The role that one little button can play in your dreams is pretty astounding don't you think? Have you ever dreamt of buttons? I love to hear all about it!


  1. my dream was sewing buttons on everything, I wanted to wake up but couldn't.
    just lots of buttons, one right after the other. some on clothes some on scraps of material, there was no rhyme or reason to it. I have no idea what to make of this. It's never happened before.

  2. I had a dream rhat I was sewing buttons on everything from scraps of material to some sort of clothing.
    One button at a time all night long.
    I wanted to wake up but couldn't.
    Any ideas on what this might be about. The buttons were all different sizes/shapes, no color stood out, just lots of buttons to be sewn.


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