Button Hippo

Whilst trawling a charity shop a few weeks ago with my 5 year old daughter, she spotted this 'Buttons Hippo' looking for a new home.

I've long been a fan of charity shops but have always drawn a line at buying the 2nd-hand soft toys; mostly because I'm not a soft toy fan to start with but more importantly - you just don't know where they have been and they are not always the cleanest of toys. 

I have good reason for feeling like this about soft toys - especially if my two children are anything to go by..

Yip - they may well be five years apart, but both went through a stage of stuffing every available soft toy they owned, down their pj's! Now it may well be only my children who have chosen to do this particular little delight but this is the exact reason why I don't buy used soft toys from charity shops, so after much moaning by the 5yr old, we finally managed to leave the shop, sans Buttons Hippo thankfully! A little search later and it seems there are a whole range of Button Animals available here.

I've always loved hippos but having grown up in Southern Africa, we were made well aware of the dangers of them - they're kinda cute looking when floating in a lake - but they're big, very fast on their feet and generally pretty moody creatures - so steer well clear.

You don't need to steer clear of these lovely examples though. I love this little tactile childrens book, called the 'Quiet Book' found via 'Blessed Beyond Measure' here.

This is a piece that I have been hankering after for the longest time. Actually, I've been hankering after ALL their products for the longest time! Made by the fabulous duo that is Greca - all their button products are made from recycled buttons. Not only that - their studio is based in a button factory - the lucky lucky so & so's!

Here's another sweet crafted hippo using toilet paper rolls, duct tape, buttons and push pins.


  1. Love the plush hippo,he doesn't look too shabby. Love the glass hippo too, fancy working in a button factory - heaven!


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