Collecting Treasures

People have collected all nature of treasures since the dawn of time.  From early man collecting flint to form knifes; to Egyptian dynasties collating manuscripts for the Library of Alexandria; to 16th century scholars collecting unusual items to create 'cabinets of curiosities' - the collecting hobby today, is no different to what our ancestors had been doing for centuries.

Whatever we collect, be it ceramics, ephemera, cameras or buttons - the principle of collecting seems to lie in trying to capture a piece of history that we want to treasure or remember. I know very little, (in fact nothing at all!) about baseball but I do love these baseball trading cards produced by Panini America Inc. There is a whole series which features Baseball 'National Treasures' with a piece of game-used fabric and a button - I also love the fact that we can surreptitiously turn hardened baseball fans into button collectors too!