A Whole Lot of Lovely

I love colour, and in my day job as a graphic designer, I get to constantly select beautiful colours for the design work I am creating for my clients.  But... when it comes to making a decision on colour in my own home - I am useless! It takes me ages to make a decision and then when I finally do, I always tend to 'play safe'.  I have been slowly working through my home, giving it a much needed paint job and went down the trusty Farrow & Ball route - a combination of String & Cord - it's nice, but after living with it for the last few months, it's starting to feel decidedly dull and I feel like I want to add some colour.

I recently came across the blog, 'a whole lot of lovely' and their associated shop, The Shop at Number 57 and was blown away not only with the charcoal walls but their fabulous products (I want nearly everything in it!). I'm very pleased to add that they have a little thing about buttons too.... they have some magnificent oversized porcelain buttons. Oh my, I want, want, want!

Update: I've had this post sitting in my drafts folder for the best part of a year and you'll be pleased to know that i finally add a dark grey wall, to break up the overall 'taupe' feel of the house - still have not got any of these beauties tho'...


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