New York City Garment District

I recently came across these beautiful little watercolour paintings by Shirley
from Paper and Threads. I love everything about them; from the delicate watercolour

to the spidery handwriting looping around the drawings.

"Last Saturday I spent the day between the New York City Garment District and Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with my new friend & fellow EDM member Paula.  She is from Brazil and currently studying at Columbia. I have walked past the Garment District sculptures at 40th & 7th Ave many times, but on Saturday joined Paula in taking a few pictures of the large button, needle, and garment worker. It sometimes takes new eyes to make you see something that is so familiar! I thought that I would include it as another sketch for the Button challenge."

"I have 100s of buttons in my studio from my many, many years of sewing. When we lived in Texas I bought an old English oak button cabinet to use as a side table, and the buttons that I sketched tonight were some of the lovely metal buttons that came with that table. Each one has a very intricate design, regardless of how small. The two largest buttons in this group are 3/4 inch and the smallest is 1/2."