Trifari Button Pendants

I'd never heard of Trifari Jewellery until I came across a button pendant featured
in an Etsy treasury recently. I love the look of the green button pendant and narrowly missed out on one that was on sale on eBay recently... so the hunt has been on...

image via Etsy

image via eBay

... and then I was lucky enough to finally find one!
A vintage (c1955) Trifari button pendant - it's not the green one I covet
but this will do for now! it's a bit blingtastic but lovely all the same -
the hunt is still on for the green one tho'...


  1. Best of luck! Those are pretty neat. :)

  2. This is the most fantastic blogg i have seen, ever.....Tank you for many good ideas. I been follow you: )

  3. I really understand your preference for green color, as green pedant button looks absolutely gorgeous. However, i'm glad that you manage to find a vintage one button pendand. Btw, where i can find it too?
    myroona@jewellry shops

  4. The Green button pendant from trifari is huge but amazing! I really want the brown button pendant. That is the only one I am missing other than the silver stick pin.

    Trifari makes awesome jewelry!!


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