Buttons by Marian Barker


When I was just a little child
Sat at my mother’s knee
She used to tell me stories
We didn’t watch TV

She had a box of buttons
She took down from the shelves
And for hours upon hours
We would entertain ourselves

The buttons held many memories
For mother and for me
They captured special moments
In our family history

A military button from my granddad
For he was very brave
He fought for king and country
It said so on his grave

A tiny pearl from grandma
I really must confess
This was my very favourite
It was from her wedding dress

A shiny silver button
From the blazer dad once wore
When he went to watch the cricket
Hoping that his team would score

A little yellow button
With a flower on from me
From my tiny little jacket
That mum called a matinee

A woggle from the cub scouts
Was amongst the fine array
My brothers went there once or twice
But didn’t want to stay

Those buttons taught me colours
And taught me how to count
They taught me shapes and sizes
Of that there is no doubt

Now I’ve got a box of buttons
I take down from my shelves
And tell stories to my grandchildren
We do enjoy ourselves
©Marian Barker