Anouchka Potdevin

French artisan designer Anouchka Potdevin, has worked as both a photographer and metal worker and has, for the last 6 years concentrated on re-making a variety of vintage furniture, porcelain, chairs, stools & jewellery.

Anouchka works across a broad spectrum of design fields; from interiors to product design; fashion to lighting design for a range of clients, but it was the more personal work on her blog that instantly caught my eye. Inspired by various iconic singers & a Vuitton catwalk model whom all have fabulous hair, she has drawn some simple stylised portraits on canvas and used black plastic buttons to portray their hair - and it's all a 'fabulousness' overload! I think they look incredible!

Vuitton catwalk model

Vuitton catwalk model detail

Diana Ross_1

Diana Ross_1 detail

Diana Ross_2

Diana Ross_2 detail

Erykah Bad

Erykah Badu detail

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill detail


  1. they certainly are! who knew that black buttons could look so interesting!

  2. And I thought I had a thing for buttons!

  3. cool! I use vintage buttons in my designs, too.

    I think buttons look great in hair/as hair. It is so unexpected, since they are functional, if decorative, on clothing!

  4. loving it. great to see such functionala nd overlooked items becoming the focus of atention. cant wait to create my own art using my enormous hoard of buttons.

  5. Creative soul on canvas! Excellent!


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