Work in progress

Natalie from Peruzi is an Australian ceramics artist who creates handmade pottery clay beads, buttons, pendants, & cabochons. On her facebook page, she recently posted some photos of her work in progress. I love how the little discs go in the kiln all white and then 'pop' with colour after they are fired. 


  1. Hi - tx so much for featuring my work in your blog. Its always an exciting thing to see what I end up with when I open the kiln. The firing you featured here was very successful which was great :)

    For those interested, the buttons are porcelain. They're glazed on each side which is why they have to be set on the little stands to be fired, if not they'd just fuse to the kiln shelves.

  2. This is such an amazing process. Who would have ever known how this was actually done?


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