Paris Calling!

When I worked in London, one of my many little indulgences to get me through the hell of commuting was the international magazine stand at Waterloo train station. I always used to buy the French magazine, Marie Claire Idees, and even though I speak no French whatsoever, I always loved looking at the beautifully styled photos and trying to work out which craft I would be able to have a go at, using Google as my translator!

I love these Eiffel Tower inspired cushions - such a simple idea and beautifully done. I have been to Paris a few times and have managed to get away with not going up the tower at all - I don't have the head for heights and at over a 1,000 ft tall (about an 81 storey building), I am more than happy to look upon her from afar!


  1. This is one idea with buttons I have not seen...and at times I think I've seen them all! I love these pillows!

  2. Actually the instructions for most of the projects in Marie-Claire Idees are almost non-existent. No need of any translation :-). You're supposed to just wing it from the picture.


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