Silk Screen Printing Course - 3rd Week

Last night at my course, we got to see our screens for the first time - it was so exciting! I was very pleased with the results as I was a little concerned that some of the fine detail would not show - but it did!

We then mixed our first colour using the emulsion fixer and pigments. We had to mix our colours from red, yellow and blue  - and it was alot trickier than I thought - it took ages to get the right colour, which I felt needed a little black to it, but the black pigment was locked in a cupboard and no-one could find the key!

I then marked the registration on the screen and did the same to the fabric using thread, did a quick colour test on paper, and was then ready!

I only managed to do one print but I am so far really pleased with the results. I do still need to finalise the colours I am going to use and am not quite sure what I am going to do as the whole design is in the base colour - but I'm sure I'll get there in the end!

Here are some photo's taken in the class - my friend Stef & I were in awe of Sue, who was steaming ahead with her printing, without using any registration! She does work in the textile department of the school that is holding the course, so does have an advantage!

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