Quench your thirst...

If you're feeling thirsty for buttons - then the stunning work by Jen at Quench Metal Works will definitely quench that thirst. Jen creates the most beautiful jewellery using sterling silver and vintage mother-of-pearl buttons.

Jen has said of her work: "This collection reflects a renewed interest in my family's needlecraft traditions. Incorporated into some pieces are vintage and antique mother-of-pearl or shell buttons. I consider each button as a lovely gem worth pairing with sterling silver and gold. These buttons come from a stock pile amassed by several generations of Maine seamstresses in my family. I like to think that each button has a story to tell of its own. "

I love how the modern settings, which have been oxidised and hand rubbed, work with the antique buttons - they sit so comfortably together to achieve a lasting heirloom piece.


  1. Wow-thank you for posting about this site. I love MOP buttons, and her pieces are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks this post.



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