Don your Gluttony Pants and unleash your inner pig...

I howled with laughter when I saw these trousers today! I am sure I am not the first to have unleashed my inner pig at a dinner table and then had to surreptitiously undo a button or zip and then damn well hope to remember to do them up before I stood up!

Well, there are a new pair of trousers on the block that are here to save us all the embarrassment of busting our buttons.

Chris Cosentino

Chef Chris Cosentino, executive chef of Incanto restaurant in San Francisco, Calif, has the answer to all our overeating problems - 'The Gluttony Pants'. These brilliantly inspired trousers have three buttons, made from bone, and are labeled "Piglet," "Sow" and "Boar" and can be adjusted depending on how much you have eaten.

Consentino is an offal specialist and says being labeled a pig shouldn’t be offensive, as pork was his loving inspiration for designing the trousers. “Everybody has that Uncle Tony who eats too much and has to unbutton his pants at the table,” said Cosentino, who helped designed the pants with Betabrand. He also came up with the idea of the graphics printed on the fabric that lines the pockets and waistband, as well as a napkin printed with cartoons depicting 'the life cycle of a glutton.'

“There have been some misconceptions about the Gluttony Pants - I’m not trying to promote obesity or overeating, it’s more about fun,” he added. “It’s not always a bad thing to overindulge - I’m not saying sit down and eat a 100-ounce T-bone, but it’s OK to overdo it once in a while.”

In honor of Thanksgiving, the pants’ fabric, a deep caramel color, is an homage to turkey, with the pockets lined in the burgundy color of cranberry sauce.

I love humour in design but sadly wont be dashing out to order myself a pair in advance of overeating at Christmas as currently the trousers are only available for men, with Betabrand having no plans to make them for women.


  1. Haha what wicked pants.. but I don't think I need a pair like that too... I might run out of buttons!!


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