Ceramic Buttons

Mary Goldberg from Stockwell Ceramics used to paint on large canvases but now works very small on tiny pieces of clay. Mary turned her hand to making Ceramic Buttons as a bit of fun - which she now says, have taken over her life! Some of my favourites are from the Pebble Range designed for Coast Magazine. All of Mary's buttons are unique and reproductions, though the same in size, colour range and spirit, are not guaranteed to be exactly the same.


  1. I have a line of handcrafted ceramic buttons I started creating and selling at International Wholesale Fabric and Quilt Shoes in the late 80's. I have over 500 patterns I produce. The are very detailed and quite lovely I've been told.
    I am now 73 years old and no loner in a position to travel to sell my buttons so they are just hanging here on pegs in my shop.
    I would like to join this group to maybe make contact with other ceramic button lovers.


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