‘The Button Project’ Exhibition: Call For Entries

Artists and makers are invited to put their creative imaginations to work and make a button
for a vibrant exhibition, The Button Project, in Macclesfield from 14 June - 8 August 2013.
Launched as part of the Barnaby Festival Art Trail (14-30 June 2013), the buttons will make a stunning display of over 100 highly collectible contemporary buttons, presented by Macclesfield Silk Museums alongside its internationally important silk collection, which also includes a fine display of the original Macclesfield Silk Buttons.

The Button Project is being co-organised by Macclesfield Silk Museums and glass artist, Victoria Scholes who says: “This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our local skills and heritage. The Button Project will link the past with the present, and illustrate Macclesfield’s impressive creative history to date.”

Your button will be a tiny work of art in its own right. You might want to take this opportunity to explore the theme for the Barnaby Festival this year, ‘metamorphosis’.  However you play it, this is a fantastic chance to showcase your artwork in the UK’s premier silk attraction and celebrate our skills and heritage.

Annabel Wills, Silk Museum curator says: “Macclesfield was the heart of the UK’s historic silk industry, and silk-related businesses are still active in the town. Handmade silk buttons were where it all began: from a cottage-based enterprise, it grew into a flourishing silk industry and helped make the town what it is today. This exhibition will celebrate that history and allow contemporary artists to exhibit and sell their beautiful buttons.”

The Button Project is launched as part of the Barnaby Festival Art Trail. Visual Arts coordinator, Anna Riordan says: “We’re delighted to be working with Victoria and Macclesfield Silk Museums to showcase this exhibition. Each button will be a tiny work of art in its own right, and we’re hoping some artists may take inspiration from this year’s Festival theme, Metamorphosis. The Button Project is a fantastic opportunity for artists to showcase their work and a chance for the public to see just how important the creative arts were for Macclesfield in the past as well as the present and also the future.”

To download an application, please visit www.barnabyfestival.org.uk. Completed forms should be emailed directly to Victoria Scholes at info@victoriascholes.com. The deadline for submissions is 4 March 2013. For more information, please email Victoria or ring her on 01625 425049. There is no charge to submit work.