Super Bowl 2013

On Sunday 3rd February, The Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers
will take to the field in New Orleans, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome
for the 47th Super Bowl. It is of course, not just about the football - the Super Bowl
is also, all about the halftime show (Beyonce this year - singing live 'allegedly'!),
the food (chicken wings & nachos) and the many commercials, one of which,
always has everyone talking and sharing on social networks for days afterwards.
Best of luck to both team

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  1. hi. found you on pinterest. what a great blog and i can see why you're BONKERS ABOUT BUTTONS. your creations are stunning.... and fun.

    do stop by my blog and say hi. i try to keep you all laughing.

    hugs :)


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