Tutorial Tuesday - Make Your Own Wooden Branch Buttons

I live in an area surrounded by countryside & woods which I love to have a ramble through with the children over the weekend. Invariably we tend to come back with a variety of sticks & branches, that have been fashioned into either walking sticks, swords, light sabres or harry potter wands & broomsticks. One thing that I have never considered, was turning those branches into... you guessed it! Buttons!

Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus has a great tutorial on how to make rustic wooden tree branch buttons. This is such an quick & easy little craft to do, I will most definitely be on the lookout for my own perfect stick, then next time we are on a ramble.

To make these buttons, find the link here - and don't forget - if you do make any buttons, I'd would love to see them - head over to the facebook page, Bonkers About Buttons and post your photos!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing my tutorial!!!

    - Lindsay

  2. You're welcome Lindsay - thank you for sharing such a great tutorial!


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