Tutorial Tuesday - Adjustable Button Necklace

There are so many fabulous tutorials using buttons, that I have come across over time, that I thought I would start a Tutorial Tuesday posting and post links to some of the wonderful work people are creating.

First off, is an Adjustable Button Necklace tutorial created by Petronella Luiting for a 'Trash to Treasure' project for craftwerk. (tho' why anyone would consider buttons as trash is beyond me!).

The tutorial has great photo instructions and is really easy to understand. Go here for the english version of the tutorial. If you do manage to make the necklace, then do head over to my facebook page, Bonkers About Buttons and post your photos - I'd love to see what you have created!

via craftwerk


  1. nice~....how to make it? what types of string do u used? i'm interested to know.

  2. don't see the tutorial just images of the completed necklace


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